Is Chocolate Enrobing Machine Still Relevant?

TEMPER CHOCOLATE – COMPARE CHOCOLATE TEMPERING MACHINES. This tabletop chocolate temperer was created with the home user in mind. The idea was simple: Take the world’s most desired and most perplexing food (chocolate) and also make it easy, simple, fun, and more chocolate tempering machine inexpensive for anyone to use. Each variety or kind of chocolate should be tempered before you use it to mold soaps and hollow figures, or to enrobe cakes and chocolates.

In addition to the well recognized two day long operational courses, Selmi offers its customers personalised one-to-one 5 day consultancy courses with Selmi chefs on processing coffee and chocolate. I definitely will need to buy a machine – that I enjoy not having to constantly monitor the temp while trimming or molding, but had been believing the 1.5 pound limit on those machines was somewhat small.

For tempering systems apart from wheel-type machines, we recommend contacting your supplier. If you make the little effort of bringing your chocolate into the right working temperature correctly, you are certain to find the desired outcome. During tempering, the cocoa butter in the chocolate takes to a stable crystalline form.

When combined with a baffle with holes (sold separately), the chocolate tempering machine has a capacity of just under 2 pounds of chocolate. I’d also be quite interested in hearing comments on the Sinsation vs. the Revolation, or other similar machines. Mini Rev instructions says for best results don’t use chocolate over 53% cocoa, most dark couvetures are greater than that.

It also creates the chocolate contract during heating, which makes it easier to unmould. Pomati machines are made to flawlessly blend into the decor of pastry shops, coffee shops, ice cream parlors and chocolate shops. If chocolate is only melted (between 40 and 45 °C) and then left to cool down to a proper working temperature, the finished product will not be glossy.

This method also requires adding Callets to melted chocolate to acquire the ideal crystalline structure in it. I’d say buy a great thermoter and save up your money for a large machine. It creates chocolate contract during coolingsystem, which makes it easier to unmould. I believe that the most important issue is that the smaller machines don’t temper enough pounds.

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