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Meta Description: Browse over 25+ SEO-Friendly WordPress Themes that have mobile responsive and HTML5 design, all of which are SEO optimized via the Genesis Framework.

GitHub is home to over 20 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Attempt to use a plugin  like the plugin by WPMU Dev It may compress your images much more without losing size or quality when displayed. Even though you might want to shorten permalinks to be more SEO-friendly, I do NOT recommend leaving this up to Yoast since it can make your permalinks read funny. You’d be amazed by how often that tips the scale in favor of DIVI over the other one. I’m working to find out if my broken hyperlink plugin is wrong and if I want to upgrade so I can resolve the 100 broken links! To use my Yoast settings, download the zip file and upload it under SEO → Tools → Import And Export → Import. Great article but having great on page SEO and good content will not get you the rankings if you don’t promote your work.

Allowing force rewrite titles may mend replicate sitenames, but it is not preferred based on Yoast because it can slow down your site The preferred solution is to go to Appearance → Editor → and delete everything between and , then replace it with the code below. I prefer ALL in 1 SEO for my clients as it does not have the scary traffic light signals.

Glad to know I am on the ideal track with things. . I use Divi. . and SEO by Yoast…. Distinctive and high-quality content means that it’s both helpful to your viewers and shareable (this could even be a free download or a product like a plugin or e-book). It indicates some valuable pointers on making necessary changes for better SEO in Every web page. Anyway great post and think we will take a look at social plugin mentioned previously. Hi, I have been looking for nearly 1 day to update my plugin setting none of those people who actually completed from the procedure.

Image optimization done for SEO purposes has more to do with the image title and alt tag information. The Yoast scores on all my recipes are fairly poor as I don’t believe this extra content is read by the Yoast plugin. Evidently, you can write about the same topics that others write about (there’s a ton of different sites who have written on this topic of SEO), but just don’t steal other’s work.

Thankfully, there are ways to boost the speed at which a theme/page loads (I’ll touch on this a bit later), but a good theme for SEO purposes should be lightweight as it is and that has all to do with the code. It does help you keep an eye on secondary keywords in your dashboard so you can use those partial matches, but don’t expect to receive a lot of green lights. There are a couple of options available for cache plugins for a WordPress powered site. Sir, I have been lazy all these while in fixing my SEO and today, I opened over 30 tabs(no jokes), all in an effort to repair my blog’s SEO.

To be sure that you don’t overlook any key words from Google Autocomplete, utilize Moz Keyword Explorer that is like Google Keyword Planner just better (and free). Secondary keywords are often included as partial matches which means the content analysis checklist is virtually useless since Yoast only detects exact keyword matches. Often times this is the name of your article, and quite Seo often it is the exact same title used in your title meta tag. About two days ago I have created a new site but don’t know how to set up Yoast SEO plugin. Particularly useful are the screenshots and explanation for using Yoast plugin. These setting confuse me that what should i do for it and why so kindly explain these point’s of Yoast SEO. Nice article, I have ever read about Yoast SEO plugin for any WordPress site.


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